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1N 7H3 M1X TV 20110430 with nonXero

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Haven’t mixed DnB in a while so here it is! A progressive drum ‘n’ bass mix featuring tracks from Aphrodite, Pendulum, High Contrast, Psidream, B-Complex, Logistics and Nero!! Download the entire mix FREE at


1. 1N 7H3 M1X Intro by Susana Lise (

2. Aphrodite – Wikki Wikki Plate

3. Submorphics – Wax Poetic

4. Cyantific – Reincarnation Dub

5. Pendulum Vs Fresh – Tarantula (Feat. Spyda & Tenor Fly)

6. High Contrast – Racing Green

7. Tundra – Sprouts (Omni Trio Remix)

8. Psidream – Identity

9. High Contrast – If We Ever

10. Nero – Do You Wanna

11. Logistics – Call Me Back

12. B-Complex – Beautiful Lies

13. Boymerang – A.C.I.D.

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